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Professional Uniforms and why they are important

Our employees are easy to spot as they are always dressed in our company uniforms, something you can see in our website photos. Our uniforms are as green as our cleaning products so that you can always identify our office cleaning staff. Though this is one reason that...

The Advantages of a Dedicated Account Manager

One of the services that we are delighted to offer as part of our comprehensive cleaning service is a dedicated account manager. With our dedicated account managers, not only do you have a single point of contact for any queries or concerns that you may have, you have...

Photo ID Cards and the commercial Cleaning industry

Photo ID cards are an important part of security, especially when you have employees that are working on a number of different sites for most of the time when they are at work. Employee uniforms do help with this element of security, but photo ID cards add an extra...

Quality Control and why it is important to us

Quality control is something that is more important than most people realise. When you are looking to provide a top-flight, professional cleaning service that caters to businesses, quality control has to be one of your highest priorities. Serving the districts of...

Regular On-Time communication and reporting

With our services, we are proud to offer on-time client communication and reporting that enables us to not only meet the changing needs of our clients, but provide a flexible service that allows clients to know exactly what is going on with their account. What is...

Green Cleaning Products – There Are No More Excuses

Green Cleaning Products - There Are No More Excuses Green cleaning products drop under the rules of thumb that all researchers admit to be authentic, there is no need for disinfecting the whole house just so it feels clean. Green cleaning products are produced to...

The Benefits of Green Cleaning

The Benefits of Green Cleaning By Stephen Ashkin May 2009 Green cleaning is catching on quickly. With the help of tools like LEED for Existing Buildings, which makes implementation easier by identifying the chemicals and other products to make green cleaning...

Going Green? Then Think When You Clean!

Going Green? Then Think When You Clean! Going green is a huge issue for businesses these days. Not only does it benefit the environment, it can also help a business by improving their reputation, reducing bills, and ensuring that government regulations are being...

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