Photo ID cards are an important part of security, especially when you have employees that are working on a number of different sites for most of the time when they are at work. Employee uniforms do help with this element of security, but photo ID cards add an extra layer of security and protection.

With our office and commercial cleaning teams, we ensure that each employee is given a photo ID card along with their green clean uniforms. We use photo ID cards because they help to improve security, identify employees, restrict access to sensitive areas of the business and help to prevent fraud.

How do photo ID cards improve security

Every business needs to clean their offices or commercial property; as a result, you are putting your company security in the hands of another company when you contract cleaning services. Not knowing who is going to be cleaning your offices or whether they can be trusted is something that does concern some businesses when they are considering their cleaning options.

Using photo ID cards is one way that our company ensures that our clients can be confident that the people cleaning their offices or commercial property are our employees, that they have had their background checked and that they uphold the ethos of green clean. Our individual cleaners can easily be identified and you can be certain that your company security is not being compromised.

How do they help to identify employees?

Photo ID cards are the most effective way of identifying employees. As a name and photo of the individual is displayed on the ID card, it is very hard for someone else to take on the exact appearance of another individual and therefore it is easy to identify employees when using photo ID cards.

How can photo ID restrict access?

Photo ID cards can be used as access cards as well as pieces of identity. If there are areas of your company that need to be protected with restricted access, then ID cards are a way of only allowing authorised personnel into that area.

How can photo ID cards help to prevent fraud?

Photo ID cards are one form of identity that is very difficult to forge. When companies use a specific design and type of photo ID card, accurate duplicates are very difficult to produce. Not only do photo ID cards provide a form of identity that is difficult to forge, but it is also a safeguard against fraud. Fraudsters may be able to steal the name and any details of an employee, but with photo ID and corresponding databases storing employee photos, it is almost impossible for imposters to infiltrate your business or effectively impersonate personnel, no matter how new they are to your company.

The photo ID cards our employees use mean that you can be certain that our staff will provide you with the best possible cleaning service. For more information about our office cleaning services or our commercial cleaning services, contact us today.