About us

We’re proud to be Australia’s first & leading commercial green-cleaning service.

We launched Australia’s first commercial green-cleaning service in 2005, and 13 years later we’re still the leading company in our field. Today, we’re a team of over 200 highly skilled professionals, dedicated to safe and toxic-free workplaces and the environment. We believe the ability to work in a healthy environment and live in one is a basic right.

This belief has defined our innovative business and inspired us to develop a forward-thinking and responsible brand.

To assist as many companies as we can in becoming healthy and carbon-neutral corporate citizens, we’re dedicated to offering unrivaled commercial green cleaning services at competitive prices.

Our vision

Our vision is to champion natural and safe commercial cleaning practices, so we make your working environment a confident place for you, your employees, and your customers – free from potential health and environmental concerns.

We also hope to raise awareness of the health and productivity benefits of corporate investment in green commercial-cleaning solutions.

We practice what we preach. By delivering excellence in commercial environments, we’ve been recognized for leadership by Sustainability Awards, not just once, but three times, in 2010, 2011, and 2016.

A comprehensive approach

From initiating customized commercial cleaning plans through facilitating comprehensive recycling programs, our highly qualified green cleaners are always ready to help you enjoy all the health and productivity benefits of a green way of thinking and operating.

We’ve developed unique, systematised green-cleaning methods and technologies that enable us to take a holistic approach to green office cleaning, not a piecemeal one. Instead of using any harsh chemicals, we use only the best high-performance nontoxic cleaning products and materials, along with a healthy dose of elbow grease. So we’re able to make your business greener and cleaner than any other service. As a result, we make your company a very special place to work, and we think that’s what makes us very special!

By helping as many companies as we can become environmentally responsible commercial cleaning, we’re assisting them in making changes large and small that, taken as a whole, have a rejuvenating effect on the environment in Australia and on the planet as a whole.

Our commercial green-cleaning team

Over the years, we’ve developed a skilled and knowledgeable team who are passionate about green cleaning.

You’ll find that our team members are always neatly dressed in official Green Clean uniforms and are are dedicated to making your commercial environment sparkling clean and healthy.

Due to our super-professional Green Clean Team, we’ve been able to establish an outstanding reputation. Trust us. You’ll love how they clean and just having them around!

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An Invitation to Go Carbon Neutral For Free from the Founder of Green Clean, Michael Girowal

A leader in the commercial-cleaning industry and an environmental expert

Michael Girowal, Founder & CEO

Thank you for considering Green Clean.

I invite you discover the many health and financial benefits you’ll enjoy by selecting us for your commercial cleaning services.

I promise you that by giving my trusted team of over 200 professionally trained green cleaners the privilege to clean your facility on a regular basis, we’ll transform your business environment into a healthier, more productive and profitable workplace.

Your company will, in fact, become carbon neutral simply by becoming a client.

I’ll achieve the goals by undertaking the following 3 initiatives at NO COST to you

Customised Green Commercial Cleaning Plan

I’ll assess your facility and create your plan free of charge.

Regular value:

Free Waste & Energy Audit

In partnership with CitiSwitch, we’ll perform a waste and energy audit and present you with a detailed report outlining simple strategies to reduce your carbon footprint and become a more sustainable business.

Regular value:

Carbon Neutral Cleaning

In partnership with Carbon Neutral, we’ll provide a completely carbon-neutral commercial cleaning service by planting trees to offset your carbon footprint.

Regular value:

Imagine how pleased and motivated your employees will be when they realize you care enough about them to provide a healthy, productive workplace, instead of one laced with toxic cleaning agents, and that you care about the environment.

And imagine how impressed your customers will be that you’re providing a healthier environment for them to visit you and by your commitment to becoming a more sustainable business.

You’ll also be able to publicize the news, because your company will earn an impressive Carbon Neutral certificate.

Believe me, your commitment to going toxin-free and carbon neutral is a decision you’ll feel great about.

I’m looking forward to helping your company and as many more businesses as possible create a green workplace and make a real contribution to improving the environment.

As you can probably tell by my enthusiasm, I care very deeply about the environment where people work and the environment in which we all live.

Here’s an excellent video that explains more about a NABERS rating.

Our DDB Partnership

A long-term green corporate success

Our partnership with DDB has been long and rewarding. We started our relationship with the company by performing a free deep and thorough green office cleaning, a special we sometimes offer. As part of the process, we replaced all their cleaning products, along with all their hand towels. From then on the company’s environment was free of harmful cleaning chemicals and all of the hand towels were made of recycled material.

We also went to work to reduce DDB’s carbon footprint to zero by planting the right number of trees to make it a carbon-neutral company.

Here’s a list of all the office-cleaning benefits we delivered.

As you can see, we really serve our customers in more ways than simply cleaning.

  • DDB took advantage of our Price Match Guarantee
  • We provided a fully customised green office-cleaning plan and systemised the entire cleaning process
  • We supplied them with toxin-free recycled cleaning products and hand towels
  • Eliminated the use of harmful chemicals
  • Conducted a free waste and energy audit and prepared reports as part of our partnership with CitiSwitch
  • Offset DDB’s carbon footprint by planting trees, making it a carbon neutral company
  • Implemented a recycling program
  • Introduced an educational program, including a poster and other educational materials

Green Clean have been looking after our office cleaning for over 6 months now and our whole office has been really pleased with the results. We love that Green Clean doesn’t use harsh chemicals, and they always go above and beyond to help keep our office tidy. It’s such a good feeling knowing that we can trust we’re always coming in to an impeccably clean office every day, even when we have events. Michael and the team are friendly and reliable and great at taking on feedback – I’m even looking at getting them to clean my home as well.

Mia McLaren

Office Manager, DDB Sydney

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