Advertising Agency & PR Agency Cleaning, Sydney and Melbourne

Our green commercial-cleaning approach, delivered with our superior level of customer service, is popular with adverting agencies and PR agencies.

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You’ll welcome our security-checked cleaners, as well as our systemized green-cleaning approach. An important reason is that many of your employees are sitting in their office chairs and desks for the majority of the working day. So it’s especially important that the office environment is toxic-free, sparkling clean, and inspiring.

  • Our talented team conduct their duties with minimal disruption to your daily working routines. Your staff will hardly notice they’re present and diligently cleaning your workplace.
  • We maintain high levels of privacy.
  • Our team members are always equipped with a ready smile and friendly attitude.

Price Match Guarantee

As part of our commitment to sustainability, we make our green cleaning-cleaning service as affordable as toxic cleaning.

Just share an invoice of your current commercial cleaner or an estimate from a new commercial cleaner you may be considering, and we guarantee to offer our leading environmentally friendly cleaning service for the same price. Yes, the very same price, guaranteed!


Plus, Bonus Savings

Customised Green Commercial Cleaning Plan

Value at

We will assess your facility and create a customised green cleaning plan

Carbon Neutral Commercial Cleaning

Value at

In partnership with Carbon Neutral we will provide a completely carbon neutral commercial cleaning service by planting trees to offset your carbon footprint

Free Waste & Energy Audit

Value at

In partnership with CitiSwitch, we’ll perform a waste and energy audit and present a detailed report outlining simple strategies to reduce your carbon footprint and become a more sustainable business

Price match guarantee

No lock-in contracts

All contracts are performance-based.

Quality Assurance Program

We believe that quality based on our tireless dedication sets us apart from other cleaning companies.

We pride ourselves in delivering the highest possible standard of customer service, whilst maintaining strong, open and effective communication channels with our customers. This commitment means that we don’t cut corners when it comes to quality, attention to detail, and eco-friendliness. We go above and beyond to meet your exact commercial-cleaning requirements.

Switch to green commercial cleaning today. We make it easy!

We know you’re busy and respect your time, so we’ve made switching to Green Clean so easy it only takes one phone call or email. Then you can get back to business as usual.

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