Don’t Settle For a Green Commercial Cleaning Company That Offers Anything Less

FREE Quote & FREE Customised Green Clean Plan!

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    Systemised cleaning & Dedicated account manager — attention to detail and your very own dedicated account manager
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    Price match guarantee — We will match the any reputable competitors quote, because green cleaning shouldn’t cost the earth
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    Performance based contract — We are so confident in our system that we don’t force you into lock in contracts
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    Carbon Neutral Cleaning — We a carbon neutral company and we’re also offering to make your company 100% carbon neutral—absolutely free, simply by becoming a client
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    Healthier working environment — Your staff will enjoy a healthier indoor environment with less allergies and improved general health, boosting productivity
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    Kinder on the environment — Green cleaning includes using up to 97% LESS chemicals, 65% LESS carbon & 82% LESS water
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Proudly Partnering With CitiSwitch To Help Improve Your Energy Efficiency, Reduce Your Carbon Footprint and Get You a Top Quality NABERS Rating - Worth $1500

Do something extraordinary and get ahead of the curve with your very own NABERS rating for your facility. By partnering with CitiSwitch we can help every aspect of your business become more carbon friendly by helping you achieve your own NABERS rating—again all of this we provide free of charge, simply by becoming our valued customer.

NABERS is an energy rating system similar to what large electrical appliances like washing machines and dishwashers have—only for your building or office.

This will give you status and recognition as an environmental leader.

There’s some great and innovative ways to help keep your carbon footprint to a minimum and CitiSwitch provides the education, framework and ideas to help manage that.
To help get that rating you can work with CitiSwitch to implement some energy saving strategies that will you help get you a good rating. Don’t worry because we take care of all of that for you.

And the more energy you save the more money you save. You may even end up saving more money in energy costs by hiring us that it costs to hire us, imagine that!

Here’s a good video explaining in more detail what a NABERS rating is.

Trusted By Household Name Brands

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Revolutionising The Way Our Industry Does Business

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    Price match guarantee — green cleaning is now just as inexpensive as normal commercial cleaning.
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    Performance based contract — don’t risk getting locked into a contract that’s almost impossible to get out of.
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    Healthier working environment — Your staff will enjoy a healthier indoor environment with less allergies and improved general health, boosting productivity.
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    Kinder on the environment — green cleaning includes using up to 97% LESS chemicals and 65% LESS carbon.
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    Systemised cleaning — attention to detail and your very own dedicated account manager.
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    Carbon Neutral — not only are we a carbon neutral company we’re also offering to make you carbon neutral as well—absolutely free, simply by becoming a client.
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    Your very Own NABERS Rating — Measure your energy efficiency success and compare yourself to other offices and buildings throughout the country.

Go Carbon Neutral For Free

A note from the Founder of GreenClean, industry leader and environmental expert, Michael Girowal

My promise to you, when you give me and my trusted team of over 200 professionally trained green cleaners the privilege to clean your facility on a regular basis I will turn your business into a more sustainable company by carbon neutral company simply becoming a client. 

I will do this by undertaking the following 3 initiatives at NO COST to you

  1. Customised Green Cleaning Plan - I will assess your facility and create a customised green cleaning plan Value at $300
  2. Carbon Neutral Cleaning – In partnership with Carbon Neutral we will provide you a completely carbon neutral cleaning service by planting trees to offset your carbon footprint Valued at $799
  3. Free Waste & Energy Audit – In partnership with CitiSwitch we will perform a waste and energy audit and present you with a detail report outlining simple strategies to reduce your carbon footprint and become a more sustainable business. Valued at $1500

Imagine how impressed your customers are going to be by your commitment to offsetting your carbon footprint and becoming a more sustainable business.
You will get to shout that from the rooftops and let everybody know by having your own Carbon Neutral certificate.

And it’s not just great for your customers it’s also great for you and your colleagues. It’s highly motivating working for a company you know is dedicated to doing the right thing for the environment. Everybody get’s to feel great about it, your customers, you and your staff!

Believe me, that is something worth feeling great about. As you can probably tell by my enthusiasm I’m looking forward to helping as many businesses as possible become carbon neutral and make a real impact on the environment, which is something I care very deeply about.

Michael Girowal Signature owner of Green Clean who offer commercial cleaning services

Michael Girowal

Accreditation's and Awards


We’ve been honoured for our commitment to sustainability many times. We finished Runner-Up in the 2010 Sustainable Business of the Year Awards, coming second only to global giant IKEA, and we made it to the finals in 2011 and 2016.

When you work with us you know you are working with an environmentally sustainable company serious and proud of the contribution we are making.

If you’d like to become part of today’s drive for a sustainable green company, there’s no better way to start than work with us.

By paying for a service you already need and have us clean your facility to a high green standard using less chemicals and energy—we will also do the following at no extra charge:123

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    Free site assessment and green cleaning plan valued at $300
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    Get a quality NABERS energy rating that is recognised country wide, similar to a electrical goods energy rating. Valued at $1500
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    Become carbon neutral by allowing us to plant trees on your behalf through our partnership with Carbon Neutral. Valued at over $2000 depending on your carbon footprint.

Our DDB Partnership

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Our partnership with DDB has been long and rewarding. We started our relationship with a absolutely free first deep and thorough clean, which we sometimes like to offer and completely replaced all their cleaning products and hand towels with recycled products that we supply and stopped using harmful chemicals altogether.

This got us off to a great start. We got to work reducing the DDB carbon footprint to zero by planting trees to make them a carbon neutral company.

At GreenClean we really do like to go the extra mile and make this much more about simply cleaning.

  • DDB took advantage of our price match guarantee
  • We provided a fully customised green plan and systemised the entire cleaning process
  • We supplied them with recycled cleaning products and hand towels
  • Eliminated the use of chemicals
  • Conducted a free waste and energy audit and prepared reports for citi switch
  • Offset their carbon footprint by planting trees, making them a carbon neutral company
  • Implemented a recycling program and implemented and educational program which included poster and other educational material

“Greenclean have been looking after our office cleaning for over 6 months now and our whole office has been really pleased with the results. We love that Greenclean doesn’t use harsh chemicals, and they always go above and beyond to help keep our office tidy.

It’s such a good feeling knowing that we can trust we’re always coming in to an impeccably clean office every day, even when we have events. 

Michael and the team are friendly and reliable and great at taking on feedback – I’m even looking at getting them to clean my home as well.”

Mia McLaren, Office Manager, DDB Sydney

Our Core Cleaning Services

Commercial and Office Cleaning
Commercial Carpet Cleaning
Hospitality and Retail Cleaning
Medical Centre Cleaning
Gym & Fitness Centre Cleaning
Strata Cleaning
Child Care Cleaning
Advertising & PR Cleaning

Only The Most Trusted Cleaners

We know inviting someone into your business is a big deal. All our cleaners are carefully vetted by us so we choose the right person to care for your facility.

We guarantee your cleaner will always be:

Professional Experienced

Experienced & professional

English speaking

English speaking

Background checks

Background & reference checked

interviewed in person

Interviewed in-person

Highly rated

Highly rated by other Green Clean Customers

Why go Green Clean?

In these days of Corporate Social Responsibility featuring high on the agenda of all companies, switching to an ethical and green cleaning method brings with it many benefits.

Reduce allergies, improve productivity and morale and create a workplace that is healthy, eco friendly and safe. Because we use materials that are non-toxic, recycled and sustainable, you can protect the environment and the planet whilst saving money.

Estimated Savings Compared to Traditional Cleaning