Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Many commercial carpets are a breeding ground for germs. Our commercial carpet cleaning service uses the latest products and HEPA filter vacuum cleaners to freshen up those carpets and leave them good as new.

Over time, commercial carpets can become visibly dull and dirty. Think about it, your business is a constant hive of activity, which inevitably leads to the deterioration of the overall look and feel of your business environment, often caused by increased levels of foot traffic.​

But what can you do once dirt and soil have absorbed deep into the fibres of your carpets?

You’ll be pleased to hear that we have just the solution.​

If your carpets are looking worn and unloved, our green commercial carpet cleaning service is perfectly equipped to remove and tackle stains, dirt, grit and sand – leaving your carpets looking good as new!​

Implementing an effective maintenance programme, we will help you to create and develop a customised maintenance plan, in order to make your carpets and upholstery look happier, cleaner and healthier.​

We use the very latest products and technology including HEPA filter vacuum cleaners, in order to ensure that our service leaves your carpets deep cleaned, smelling fresh and of course, looking in pristine condition.​

But that’s not all, our super efficient green cleaning carpet solution not only removes dust and allergens, it also lowers the risk of respiratory and allergy-related illnesses amongst your workforce, whilst producing long terms cosmetic results that leave your carpets looking their best for as long as possible.​

Why Choose a Trusted Green Cleaning Company?

  • We use only non-toxic, 100% natural and biodegradable cleaning products
  • Reduce staff symptoms who suffer from chemical and allergic sensitivities, as well as asthma.
  • Lower general health risks for all staff
  • Our premium organic cleaning products contain no harmful residues
  • Enjoy peace of mind with far less environmental impact
  • Your cleanliness and air quality of your surroundings are massively improved
  • We embrace the very latest, energy efficient, eco-friendly technologies
  • Our team of super friendly green cleaners are fully trained and accredited
  • We use hygienic colour-coded micro fibre cleaning products