Our employees are easy to spot as they are always dressed in our company uniforms, something you can see in our website photos. Our uniforms are as green as our cleaning products so that you can always identify our office cleaning staff. Though this is one reason that workplace uniforms are a good idea, where are a few more reasons as to the benefits of having your employees dressed in the same outfits.

What is the point in workplace uniforms?

There are several reasons why professional office cleaners should be dressed in company uniforms.

Creates a business image

Our business is affected by how people view our employees. All the marketing in the world can promote us, but our employees can destroy the image that we have carefully crafted in a few moments if they turn up wearing the wrong outfit. When we create our business image, our uniforms are a key part of the image as they are the thing that the general public are going to come across most often.

Promotes our company

When uniforms are designed with our company’s colour scheme and logo, they help to promote our brand and make our company stand out from competitors.

  1. Advertising

Promoting your company is something that company uniforms also do. This is something slightly different. Promoting your company happens as work is completed and a reputation is built. Advertising reaches out to people who aren’t yet customers. Aside from the cost of uniforms, the advertising is free and can reach out to a new client base.

  1. Security

When we have a new client or are providing on-site service, having employees that all dress in the same uniform can help with security. Clients can be confident that the employees that turn up to carry out work are actually our employees. It also makes it easy to identify who your employees are.

  1. Team spirit

When workers are all dressed in the same uniform it creates a sense of belonging that can help to build a team spirit amongst your employees. When team spirit is high it can improve productivity.

  1. Improves customer relationships

Because customers always know who our employees are when they are wearing uniforms, it helps to improve customer relationships. Customers can be confident in the work your employees are going to carry out, that the work that they do will be in line with your company ethos and that if there is a problem, it will be easy to contact your company about it.

For more information about our commercial cleaning services in Sydney and Melbourne, conducted by our employees in our green clean company uniforms, contact us today.