With our services, we are proud to offer on-time client communication and reporting that enables us to not only meet the changing needs of our clients, but provide a flexible service that allows clients to know exactly what is going on with their account.

What is client reporting?

A client report is a succinct report of data that relates to the business that you do with your client. It only contains information that they need to see and can be an extremely useful tool in helping to develop your business. Generally the report will contain only information that can be used to evaluate their investment or the business they conduct with you. When it comes to office cleaning and commercial cleaners, the information in a client report is going to be somewhat different to that a financial investment company would provide, but by no means any less important for your client.

Why is client reporting important?

There are several reasons that client reporting is important, the necessity of reporting is not changed by the business that you run, but the amount you communicate and when may change from industry to industry.

Here are some of the main reasons that client reporting is important, even for an office and commercial cleaning company.

  • It is the best way to build and improve the relationship with your client
  • It provides your client with a tangible report of how hard you are working for them
  • You can use it to turn one-time or trial clients into recurring clients
  • It helps you to grow your business
  • It enables you to regularly interact with your client
  • It enables you to educate your client on what you do for them and where your other services may benefit them
  • Transparency

A client report can be a verbal report that is then backed up by a written report or spreadsheet, but the contact between the client and company is the key part of the reporting process. Being able to show and discuss matters with your client is extremely important. Some client reports from dedicated account managers might be made every two weeks in person during a ten-minute sit down meeting. Other reports may be done over the phone and done every few days, taking up no more than five minutes.

How often reports are made will depend on your business and how often you client likes to be updated. Some of your busier clients may want a five-minute brief and follow-up email every fortnight, others may be more comfortable with contact more regularly. But as with any office cleaning or commercial cleaning service that we offer, even our client reporting and communication is tailored to the needs of our clients.

Why is client communication important?

The value of communication cannot be underestimated when it comes to business, especially when you are providing a service to a client. Keeping them updated on changes, progress of projects and being able to accurately and promptly answer any question that they ask is key to a health and prosperous working relationship.

For more about our cleaning services in Sydney and to see for yourself how our services can help you and your company, please contact us. We can help you to tailor our green cleaning services to best serve your company and provide you with on-time communication and reporting.