One of the services that we are delighted to offer as part of our comprehensive cleaning service is a dedicated account manager. With our dedicated account managers, not only do you have a single point of contact for any queries or concerns that you may have, you have someone that is going to be there to handle anything the fine details of your business and make sure things keep running smoothly.

If you’ve never had an account manager before, here are some of the benefits of having a dedicated account manager can bring.

No more customer service advisors

One of the most irritating things about customer service, whether you are dealing with your office cleaning account or your insurance bank, is the dreaded call centre. Calling up a number that puts you through to a random member of a customer service team is always something of a lottery.

Sometimes you will get put through to someone that can help you, other times you will get put through to someone that barely understands your query, which ends with your being bounced around until someone can solve the problem for you.

Then there are the times when your problem isn’t solved and you become so frustrated that you have to hang up, after wasting an hour of your valuable time, so that you can calm down before you try to go through the same process and get different results.

With a dedicated account manager, you don’t have to call a call centre. You have a direct line to someone that can help you, and if they can’t answer your query right away, they will get back to you within a short time frame with your answer. This means you don’t even have to sit on the phone for half an hour whilst they look into your query, they will phone you back.

Someone that understands what you need

One of the best things about a dedicated account manager is having someone that understands what it is your business needs. No matter whether it is office cleaning in Sydney or car rental in Melbourne, having someone that you can rely on to provide your company with what you need, when you need is something that cannot be overestimated.

Regular updates and a personal approach

Because you have one person that you deal with regularly, they do come to understand your needs as a business and this makes them able to respond quickly to changes in your needs. The time spent with your dedicated account manager also means that you build a relationship of trust that is mutually beneficial for both the client and service provider.

As a commercial cleaning supplier, we pride ourselves on providing a professional cleaning service to the highest standard that is also eco-friendly. We are dedicated to giving our customers a flexible service that meets their needs without compromising on quality.

To find out more about what our dedicated account managers can do for your business, providing you with the best office and commercial cleaning with an eco-friendly ethos and excellent communication, contact us today.