Quality control is something that is more important than most people realise. When you are looking to provide a top-flight, professional cleaning service that caters to businesses, quality control has to be one of your highest priorities.

Serving the districts of Sydney Central Business District, North Sydney, and Melbourne, we provide a green commercial clean to improve the cleanliness, healthiness and productivity of your office, first time and every time. In order to be able to deliver this level of consistent and dependable service, quality control is key to our success, but there are a few other reasons why quality control is so important.

Encourages Quality Consciousness

One of the best aspects of quality control, no matter what business you are in, is how quality control measures encourage a level of quality consciousness amongst all of your employees – something that greatly helps when it comes to achieving the desired standards.


When your quality control measures set a high standard, your customers are not only impressed by what you deliver, but they are also benefited by it. When your customers are impressed and benefitted by your service, they keep using it.

Control of costs

Setting a standard and monitoring whether your service or product reaches that level can help to control costs as you’re limiting and often completely eliminating waste. When you have quality control checks in place, you are making sure that nothing you do is substandard and therefore nothing needs to be re-manufactured or redone, and best of all, no compensation costs need to be paid.

Improved relationships in your company

Quality control checks can also help to improve morale and the relationships between staff members as well as that between management and general staff. Constantly producing a high-quality product or service gives staff clear expectations that help to make relationships between management and staff. Managing to reach those high standards every time gives staff a sense of accomplishment and a pride in their work that keeps morale high – making the workplace better for everyone.

Our business and quality control

Our aim is to deliver the best possible service to our customers that does not stint on quality. As a result we take the topic of quality control very seriously. We want to deliver a service that not only cleans your property but helps to protect the environment, saves money as it is energy efficient and improves the health of your employees, and their performance as a result.

When we look at the needs of a client, we provide a bespoke commercial cleaning service or a flexible office cleaning service – whichever is more appropriate for our clients and we provide them with a free quote as well as a free customised green clean plan. We are unique in our ability to deliver an ISO stand quality clean to both ISO 9901 and ISO 14001 level standards.

To find out more about our green clean services, our quality control measures or to get a quote, contact us today.