The idea of a customised cleaning checklist is something that is useful as a tool both at home and in a commercial setting. With our commercial cleaning services, we obviously use a customised cleaning checklist slightly differently to one you might use at home, but the principle behind it remains the same.

What is a customised cleaning checklist and why you need one for your office

A customised cleaning checklist is a useful tool that allows you to prioritise different jobs that need to be done. Some things need to be done every day, others every few days, some once a week, and so on. A domestic customised cleaning checklist is different to that of a customised office cleaning checklist and again a commercial cleaning checklist is different once again.

Why do Green Clean use customised cleaning checklists?

Every client that we take on has different needs that need to be provided for, even within the same sector. Some offices might have hardwood floors where others have carpets; some companies may have separate offices to be cleaned whilst others have an open plan space. Though these seem like small things, they do have an impact on the services that our clients need.

Here is an example of how a customised cleaning checklist might look for an office space.


  • Clean staff toilets, sinks, sweep floors
  • Empty wastepaper baskets
  • Wipe down desk surfaces in open plan and private office spaces
  • Wipe down the reception counter
  • Clean kitchen sides and wipe down tables in the dining area
  • Sweep and vacuum floors


  • Clean microwave
  • Wipe down the client cabinet fronts and handles
  • Clean windows
  • Mop kitchen floor
  • Mop wooden floors
  • Wipe handles on staircases

Here is an example of how a customised cleaning checklist might look for a commercial space.


  • Clean toilets and sinks in customer bathrooms
  • Sweep floors in public space
  • Wipe shelving units
  • Wipe countertop
  • Wipe down till
  • Clean table tops


  • Vacuum entrance mats
  • Clean windows
  • Mop floors


  • Clean doors and handles


  • Clean upholstery

What about using one at home?

Using a customised cleaning checklist can help to also organise your time when it comes to looking after your own home. Keeping your own home neat and tidy can be an uphill battle, especially if you are working full time and have a full household of children to take care of. It can seem like cleaning becomes an overwhelming part of daily life as you leave the niggling tasks until they are mountains instead of molehills.

A customised cleaning checklist can be helpful to help with getting your cleaning done in small pieces so that nothing gets missed and the whole process isn’t overwhelming.

If you want to see how our customised cleaning checklists can help to provide you with the best office cleaning service possible as well as a tailored service to meet your needs, contact us today.